Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder Manufacturers in UK

What Is Dry Carpet Cleaning Powder?

We all want a clean, hygienic, and healthy living environment for a disease-free life. Carpet cleaning is one of the crucial parts of your home cleaning activity. Dry carpet cleaning powder not only removes dirt and stain from the carpet but it gives a new life to the carpet. As we all know that carpet cleaning is very irritating and time-taking, you have to search for the best dry carpet cleaning powder manufacturers in UK that supply high-quality products. 


What We Are

Surfactants And Allied Chemicals Pvt, a top-notch dry carpet cleaning powder manufacturers in UK, offers carpet cleaning powder sanitizer and disinfectant that is 99% effective against viruses, germs, and other pathogens. 


We produce various types of carpet cleaning powder catering to the varied demands of our customers. We offer a broad range of superior quality carpet cleaning products at affordable prices.


Why Choose Us

We manufacture world-class dry carpet cleaning powder that sure to make your carpet clean, germ-free and dazzling appearance. Our products are manufactured with the use of first-rate chemicals to provide high-standard of cleanliness while creating a soothing effect on human skin. Our carpet cleaning powders are non-irritating and people with sensitive skin can use our carpet cleaning powders.


We have used advanced techniques and the latest chemical compositions and procedures. So, our products are effective in all types of water and a very powerful cleaner that can break up dirt and oily stains found in the carpet. It also comes up with effective antiseptic ingredients that are capable of killing harmful bacteria and microorganisms from the fabrics. We provide eye-catching designer packaging materials that are safe and fully protected.